Sri Lanka adventure is the highlight that brings back nostalgic memories and sunny smiles to thrill-seekers crossing this side of the globe. An exhilarating spoonful of magical bliss in a tropical guise, the island is an enchanting experience just waiting to happen. Cue the images of sun-bleached sands and green palm fronds hugging a heavenly coastline here. Add an endless array of awe-inspiring panorama and colorful insights into a thriving cultural melting pot and you have Sri Lanka, the intriguing tourist wonder of the continent.

This is the land where the sunrise bathes lofty mountain peaks in soft captivating hues and brilliant pastel shades. Behind the veils of silver-grey mist droplets that adorn the beautiful mountain sides, the legendary hill capitals and waterfalls spell a Sri Lanka adventure brimming with daring exploits and memorable escapades. The islands up country regions pulse with strong held traditions and values handed down through countless generations. Prepare to be swept off your feet by unique cultural dances, ancient mask ceremonies, the grandeur of elephant led processions and thrilling fiery performances on moonlit hillsides. Of all the wonders found on the islands picturesque summits, there is no other destination quite like Kandy to steal away your heart. The final treasured capital to be ruled by the kings, Kandy is rich in its ancient rituals, embellished with historical colonial buildings and exudes natural topographical perfection.

Rolling green hills of healthy tea plantations and majestic waterfalls create a single flowing landscape of unparalleled beauty you can gaze upon for hours. Embrace a Sri Lanka adventure quite like no other as you explore Nuwara Eliya, another of the islands loveliest mountain towns. With endless fields and valleys of flowers in full bloom, this fragrant town is a pretty little paradise in itself. The fascinating jumble of colonial architecture, alluring parks and gardens will leave you love-struck and strolling here for a long while yet.

For more historical colonial constructions, make your way to the southern vistas of Galle where sunny beaches and calming blue waters create sensational holidays. This charming port city is where you’ll find the best of ancient Dutch architecture and a simply luscious plate of sea food extraordinaire to go with it. With its fascinating archaeological artifacts, mesmerizing marine life and irresistible shores, Galle is one Sri Lanka adventure that has it all.

You can never ever have too much beach on a tropical seaside heaven. Spice up your island holiday on the blissfully quiet shores of Bentota and Unawatuna. Pristine golden sands stretch far away into the distance while lovely azure waters lap invitingly onto the palm-fringed coastline. There are plenty of opulent rest houses and luxury spas close enough to the beach to create a fancy beach fiesta for the discerning traveler. Also, there are endless opportunities for diving, snorkeling and even jet skiing here. Douse yourself in some sun and enjoy a chilled coconut as you laze the days away in style.

Kick up your Sri Lanka adventure a few notches by taking a walk in the velvet sands of Mirissa. This is the ideal location to go diving with friendly swarms of dolphins and even come close to the curious blue whales that live here. The tempting sapphire waters and exquisite underwater life here will leave you second-guessing your choice to ever leave. For a close up of the islands breath-taking coral gardens, swim in the clear crystal waters of Hikkaduwa. With flawless reef formations fanning out in a dizzying blend of vibrant color, this underwater marine kingdom will add that special something to your Sri Lanka adventure. While you’re at it, visit the popular coast of Arugam Bay to mingle with the dauntless and daring. A beautiful ribbon of soft white sand curving to create an impeccably perfect shoreline, Arugam Bay is no slouch in the surf department. Complementing sparkling deep blue waters and sunny weather, this beach is also credited with having some of the world’s top-rated surf.

No visit to Sri Lanka would do without a hackle-raising journey into the country’s lush wilderness. The nature parks at Yala and Wilpattu are ideal for checking out the lofty elephants ruling over their natural habitats. Keep your binoculars ready to glimpse the colorful bird species that dominate the Wilpattu skies and to spot the quick-footed leopards in their frolicking. These sanctuaries are home to a variety of amazing wildlife species including sun-bathing crocodiles, graceful deer and shaggy monkeys. With an amazing array of floral beauty to ensnare your senses, a safari in the islands evergreen rain forests and woodlands make for a truly inspiring Sri Lanka adventure.