Sri Lanka is undoubtedly is a destination for shopping and entertainment as it is an island filled with unique crafts and traditions of its own. Tourists are attracted towards Sri Lankan masks, wood carvings, gem stones, handmade silver and brass objects and especially Ceylon tea.

Colombo is the main place that you should visit for fashion, department stores, and western style shopping. However Colombo also consists of shops that has traditional arts and crafts and also batik shops and souvenirs.

Sri Lanka manufactures and sells the world’s finest tea. You could purchase Ceylon tea at outlets in most tourist destinations and in main shopping centers. But if you travel to the hill country, you could visit tea estates and purchase tea from the sales outlets.

Gems and Jewelry

Sri Lanka is famous for its magnificent and beautiful, precious and non-precious gen stones. Ratnapura is known to be the main source of gems from ancient times.

Diamonds are usually imported but Sri Lanka is the home to many beautiful gems, namely sapphires (not known to many, there are 5 colours not just blue), rubies, aquamarine, moonstone, garnets and topaz. Check all stones you may purchase for flaws and discolouration. There is a Gem testing center in Galle (310 Galle Road, Kollupitya).

You could purchase gem studded jewelry set in gold, white gold or platinum from jewelry shops mainly from Colombo, Galle, Kandy and Ratnapura. But the hotel jewelry stores are higher in price.
The gold in Sri Lanka is more yellow in color compared with the English gold. But white gold and platinum are quite rare and there in no hall marketing. Jewelry is beautifully hand crafted and labor is also extremely cheap. If you need a particular design, tell them and they will craft it for you.


Handy crafts can be purchased mainly from Kandy. Kandy has many shops which sell exquisite beautiful hand- made crafts.

The south west areas of the island are home to traditional masks and carved crafts. And Ambalangoda is a fine destination for antiques. You will also come across exquisite Dutch colonial pieces.


This paradise island also has its ways of entertaining you while making your stay in here an exciting experience filled with immense joy. Colombo is known to be a spot for the most active night life.
It is a city that changes while moving forward and you will never be bored staying in here.

The country consists of art galleries, cinemas, bars and puns, casinos and night clubs to keep you alive though out the night.