Guest TA Screen Name – Alexandra M
Actual Name – Alexandra Menke
Trip Advisor Link:


“Visiting Additional Destinations in contrast to the Original Itinerary which she had send to us which we used to derive the Quote & Absconding the Payment caused by extra mileage by trying to exchange it with a 5 Star Review on TripAdvisor”

1) Initial Inquiry Screenshot

Please note the Itinerary Colombo -> Kandy -> Sigiriya -> Southern Coast Mirissa to end the tour

2) The Payment Invoice which we gave her as per the above Itinerary

Now the readers can see that She send us an intended Itinerary -> We gave a Quote for that & Payment Invoice is prepared accordingly & handed over to the Guest & she read it/ understood it/ everything is clear then she authorized it by her signatory. Now the next step is we have to prove that she altered the Itinerary which led to Additional mileage. So please refer as below.

3) Deviation of Original Itinerary

Now we have to Prove that she deviated from the Original Itinerary. This can be proved by our Mileage Log Sheet which our Driver who accompanies the guest, use to fill it each & every day while the guest gets in & out each morning & evening. The Guest looks at the Odometer & authorize that the readings are correct & put a Signature in front of the reading.

4) Wave off the Payment in exchange 5 Star Review on Trip Advisor

The E Mail reply which she send to us Accepting that she had utilized excess mileage & to wave off the Payment in exchange for her 5 Star Review on TA which she had already Drafted & showed to the Driver.

Many vehicles we use are rented, well maintain, driven by our chauffeurs. We have to endure all costs, so if any guest exceeds the mileage we can’t evade the payments for the rented vehicle, maintaince and at same time pay driver salar, without collecting extra mileage fee. If we could we won’t be charging for any extra mileage in the first place.

We keep on encountering this kind of unfortunate incidents with corrupted minds, we cannot comperehend what these kind of people try to achieve by trying to evade payment after using services with their consent.

We can agree that this is an act of cheapness and disgust, where these kind of people try to give an economical vallue to TripAdvisor Feedbacks. If this kind of people continues this will be very bad for the industry. We invite the local people who reads this to act accordingly and professionaly. We hope that these kind situatios should not be encouraged in any way directly or indirectly for people with such minds to act falsely and use tripadvisor or any differnt platform to blackmail you.

To all the other sincere guest, we kindly request to understand that we do this for a living and with greatest of difficulties we survive ignoring all the fuel hikes and increase of living cost, which seem to work against us. Yet we keep on giving best service we can offer.