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Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka holidays, where days of sun-warmed sands and lazy beach walks go hand in hand with heart thumping mountain treks and celestial sights. A chapter of tropical adventure found nowhere else in the world, Sri Lanka is where stunning topography, untouched wilderness and a distinctive culture paint a vacation experience of a lifetime. A […]

Travel Agents in Sri Lanka

  Travel agents in Sri Lanka are now the simplest and most efficient way to up your travel game and make the most of your tour time. Explore the delights of an enchanting pacific paradise at your own unhurried pace, just the way you want it. Dive into an island celebration of turquoise waters, rich […]

Tour Operators in Sri Lanka

Tour operators in Sri Lanka are the easiest way to get around the island with speed and style. Cutting down hefty travel budgets and making life easier all around, tour agents are now the simplest way to own a stress-free and relaxing vacation. An island where the distinctive Serendib waters meet beautiful golden shorelines, this […]

Sri Lanka Travel Agents

Sri Lanka travel agents are your best bet for cooking up that perfectly personalized tour you’ve been dreaming of. This is the island where flamboyant tradition and fancy cultural dances leave travelers happily love-struck. From drop-dead gorgeous beaches, palm studded coastlines to mist topped summits, the island is a luscious slice of adventure to be […]

Sri Lanka Tour Operators

Sri Lanka tour operators are now part and partial of smart island vacationing goals. Flaunting luxury far from computerized booking systems and automated holiday options, a personal travel guide can add that extra spark to create an extraordinary holiday experience. Say goodbye to tedious hours of exhausting research and flimsy planning. Live out the vacation […]

Sri Lanka Adventure

Sri Lanka Adventure

Sri Lanka adventure is the highlight that brings back nostalgic memories and sunny smiles to thrill-seekers crossing this side of the globe. An exhilarating spoonful of magical bliss in a tropical guise, the island is an enchanting experience just waiting to happen. Cue the images of sun-bleached sands and green palm fronds hugging a heavenly […]

holidays in sri lanka

Holidays in Sri Lanka

Holidays in Sri Lanka, a slow drift into some of the most incredible sights and experiences in Asia. An endless realm of pristine tropical beauty, this little island abounds with an intriguing variety of exotic wildlife, fascinating architectural phenomena and stunning cultural feats. Days spent lounging on soft warm sands, treks into the heart of […]

Adventure in Sri Lanka

Adventure in Sri Lanka

Adventure in Sri Lanka, a paradise isle straight from the dreams of every dashing globe-trotter. Sri Lanka is where tropical weathers grace palm-studded coast lines and lush green forests give cover to the life pulse of a thousand humming life forms. A mesmerizing destination with a colorful cultural undertone, the island exudes an aura of […]

Guides / Books

You are able to hire guides at sightseeing destinations. Sri Lankan tour guides acquire a good knowledge about the given subject and will be more than happy to educate you more about the beautiful island the following guide books are recommended to you from BSL. Lonely Planet Sri Lanka – latest copy August 2003. Many hotel […]