Adventure in Sri Lanka, a paradise isle straight from the dreams of every dashing globe-trotter.

Sri Lanka is where tropical weathers grace palm-studded coast lines and lush green forests give cover to the life pulse of a thousand humming life forms. A mesmerizing destination with a colorful cultural undertone, the island exudes an aura of spirited freedom and quiet bliss that will sweep you off your feet. Say hello to quiet days of heaven on soft patches of sand, where the palms sway to the rhythm of the sea and opulent waters gleam brightly under blue skies. Vibrant coral clans and exotic species of fish thrive beneath the warm aquamarine waters while the manta rays, reef sharks and blue whales make for the diving fiesta of a lifetime. Sprawling rainforests and open stretches of grassy wilderness in the country’s thick evergreen regions play home to herds of majestic elephants, strutting silver-green peacocks and graceful leopards. An ethereal escapade far from the norm, an adventure in Sri Lanka comes with hilltop surprises, stunning landscapes and simply magical historic attractions. The island offers a holiday experience complete with countless points of lively exploits and a cultural mashup quite like no other in the world.

Unwrap your Sri Lankan vacation on everyone’s favorite destination; the beaches. Ravishing golden shores, cozily warm luminous blue waters and a dazzling underwater kingdom teeming with life sums up a typical sea side holiday here. Spend your days gorging on luscious sea-food delicacies and lazing on immaculate sands that stretch as far as the eye can see. Bentota and Unawatuna are favorite locations among the beach bums that love a slow flow holiday while the Arugam Bay shores promise an unforgettable adventure in Sri Lanka for the surf enthusiasts. Visit Mirissa for a boat ride with the giant whales and to dive with the dolphin pods that swarm bountifully in these sparkling waters. If a splash in the sea with a dose of ancient colonial glory appeals to you, the Galle seas offer you the perfect respite. Here you can explore stunning monuments standing though centuries past, adding an appealing olden touch to already silvery lovely waters.

The southern shores also come with a myriad of other activities you can engage in. Snorkeling, water rafting and jet skiing sports will keep you on the beach all day long so dab on some sun lotion and work that tan while you’re at it. Take your pick of the luxurious resorts and spas around these beaches to embrace the gentle tranquility of a memorable adventure in Sri Lanka.  For a more cultural sea side holiday, visit the eastern shores of Trincomalee, where the world’s most perfectly formed natural harbor brims with a fascinating selection of bright fish. A visit to this little beach town will also take you to some of the country’s best preserved historical sites, including a legendary Hindu Temple, crumbling forts and healing water wells.

The island is home to several more of South-Asia’s most invaluable bygone structures. Often hailed as the world’s eighth wonder, the island’s central regions is where you can find the awe-inspiring rocky miracle of Sigiriya. Other sights to keep you hooked around here are the Dambulla Golden Cave Temples and the charming views at Habarana. But for a deep-down cultural adventure in Sri Lanka, there’s no better place to go to than the mysterious ruined cities at Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Ancient parapets, crumbling palace remains and leaning towers blend seamlessly with lustrous white temple tops and sacred worship grounds here. After wandering around stunning pillars and breath-taking sculpted work, there’s always more to discover at the museums and other cultural centers here.

Where pristine mountain beauty meets historical extravaganza, there’s little else to compete with Kandy, the iconic hill-top capital of all things traditional. The temple of the tooth relic, the royal palace and the royal botanical gardens are a few top places to visit in Kandy. While you’re here, spice up your adventure in Sri Lanka with a trip to the nearby Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles mountain range. An intriguing sea of greenery and wildlife awaits you here, complemented by perfectly formed natural lakes and waterfalls. These hilly stretches of rich green foliage are home to countless deer, shaggy bear monkeys, and even straggling wild boar species.

Other top destinations to keep your adventure in Sri Lanka delightful are the Yala National Park and the Wilpattu Sanctuary. Sneak a peek into the natural lifestyle of lofty elephants and proud shimmering peacocks dancing under sun-parched trees here. These parks are the most visited among Sri Lankan wildlife lovers, and provide for countless species of exotic animals and birds alike.